Envisioning Gods

31 July - 17 August 2013. Opening 6pm Wednesday 31 July

Simon Cooper, Penelope Hunt, Talitha Kennedy, Jayne McSwiney, Jonathon Saunders, 

Siying Zhou (Curator)

Envisioning Gods presents a broad perspective and diverse voices examining the subject of belief and spirituality in modern societies. It draws attention to and re-appraises the value of wishful thinking, heroic culture, biotechnology, Zen and Christianity through six individual works: a drawing of a personal memory on a religious event; a sculptural installation that offers a ritualistic experience to the audience; a metaphoric photographic image; a stencil painting that reveals the banality of the daily lives of superheros; a fetish altar with leather constructions; a series of blueprints on boards that depict half human hybrid creatures. Envisioning Gods intends to engage audiences both visually and physically.


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