We Watch Them To Be Ready For Their Arrival

C3 Contemporary Art Space . Melbourne

21 August - 15 September 2019

The nuns at the Abbotsford Convent once used this front room to make cakes for the visiting priests. In response to the site’s history, Zhou embodies shared experiences, reconstructing a version of the past that does not belong to her. By juxtaposing the labour of the nuns with that of Chinese immigrant women, Zhou draws attention to the invisible labour and love that these women give under unequal power and social structures.

-- The installation view at C3 -----------------------

The video in the installation

Medium: DVD. Length: 4'59'' in loop. Year: 2019. 

The footages used in this video: 

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The photographic print

The digital scan of 35mm negative film. 2019.

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